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"Can poor posture make one fat?"

ZocdocAnswersCan poor posture make one fat?


My son, who's in junior high, has terrible posture ? and he's gaining a lot of weight. Is it possible the posture is causing him to get fat? Or could it be the other way around? What kind of doctor can we see to help him improve his posture and weight?


Poor posture is not a cause of weight gain. However, significant weight gain could make it more difficult to maintain good posture, especially if this occurs in a growing child without the developed musculature to support the extra weight. Weight gain in a child in junior high school is expected to some degree, especially if the child is undergoing a growth spurt at the same time. Children undergo these periods of growth at different times, and junior high is no exception. However, obviously not all weight gain is healthy, and the same concepts apply to both children and adults. Weight is gained when the amount of calories that the body takes in by diet is greater than the amount of calories used over the course of a day. You should keep a record of how tall your son is, and encourage him to follow the same healthy habits that all adults should follow - i.e., maintaining a well-rounded healthy diet, not eating excessive portions with meals, and exercising several times per week. Your son's pediatrician would be an excellent person for him to discuss these issues of posture and weight gain. If necessary, a referral can be made to a nutritionist as well, who can help ensure that your son is following an appropriate diet depending on his varying metabolic needs during this time of growth.

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