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"What are the symptoms of diabetes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of diabetes?


What is the most certain symptoms of diabetes? Some of them ? like extreme hunger and thirst ? I have, but others I don't at all. If I were to go to a doctor now, how would they test whether or not I had diabetes? Is there a way to determine for myself?


The most common symptoms of diabetes include increased thirst (polydipsia), increased urination (polyuria), increased hunger (polyphagia) as well as weight loss and fatigue. These symptoms are related to increased sugar in the bloodstream (which is the primary problem with diabetes and in fact almost all complications of diabetes are due to too much sugar in the blood--while we all need sugar (glucose) to survive, excessive glucose in the bloodstream is toxic). if the diabetes goes untreated, the most common complications are: worsening vision (diabetic retinopathy), pain/tingling in the feet (diabetic neuropathy) as well as worsening kidney function (diabetic nephropathy). In order to find out whether or not you have diabetes, you must check your blood sugar level in on of the following settings: -fasting: after 12 hrs without eating. a blood glucose higher than 126 on two separate occasions is indicative of diabetes. -non-fasting: any random blood sugar greater than 200 on two separate occasions -glucose tolerance: a blood sugar greater than 200 two hours after drinking 75g of glucose. All of these tests can be done at the doctors office, but and involve just a small needle prick of the finger. It is recommended that all adults, especially those with obesity and/ or high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol be screening for diabetes. the earlier diabetes is diagnosed and treated, the less likely a patient is to have the many negative complications of the disease.

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