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"What products help heal burst whiteheads?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat products help heal burst whiteheads?


When a whitehead bursts, and the pus comes out, the healing process still takes a really long time for me. I'd like to speed it up as much as possible, obviously. What is the best way to do that? I've heard that vitamin E can help skin heal ? is that true?


If you are having frequent white heads that grow to the point of bursting, then it sounds like your acne is not being optimally controlled. Physicians that treat acne include primary care physicians, and dermatologists. Treatment for acne begins with benzoyl peroxide creams. This type of cream helps dry up comedones (white heads and black heads), and has an antibiotic effect which may speed up the healing of your pimples. Antibiotics and topical retinoids are next in line and they will do the same as benzoyl peroxide, they are just a little stronger. Again, they may help your popped pimples heal faster since there will be less infection inhibiting the healing process. With respect to Vitamin E, there is little evidence that it has any effect on white head healing. In fact it has recently been found Vitamin E supplementation, despite its theoretical benefits, is harmful to the body if consumed in high quantities. I suggest you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or dermatologist, whoever provides you care for you acne. Describe your situation to him or her. Chances are, there is more optimal treatment for your acne than you are currently receiving. This is probably your best bet as a step toward better skin health. Good luck.

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