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"Can HCG reduce hot flashes?"


I'm a woman, 58, and I just hit menopause. I've been trying to deal with the more unpleasant symptoms by taking herbal supplements and drinking soy, but it hasn't helped much. I've heard that HCG is great for hot flashes, though. Is that true, and what are the risks?


The short answer to your question is no, HCG will not help hot flashes in menopause. I had not actually heard of this and searched the literature looking for evidence of HCG use in peri-menopausal symptoms and was unable to find any evidence. I will attempt to explain why HCG would not work (it will be tough in such a short message) HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin.

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It is best known for it role in pregnancy. It is produced by an embryo to signal to a women's body that it's pregnant and simulates the production of progesterone. HCG does have the ability to stimulate sex hormone production in both female and male gonads. That is why body builders who use steroids will inject HCG to stimulate testosterone production. However, in menopausal women, HCG would not stimulate the ovaries to release estrogen, because the ovaries aren't working any more. Therefore, it would not be able to reduce menopausal symptoms. Even if HCG worked, it would need to be administered by injection under the skin regularly reducing its appeal as a treatment for hot flashes. My advise is for you to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or OBGYN, whomever you are most comfortable with. There are options that can give you relief such as hormone replacement therapy which carries some risks that can be discussed with your doctor. Always discuss any herbal supplements you are taking with your doctor. Herbal supplements have hundreds sometimes thousands of chemicals most of which we do not completely understand and are not always safe. Finally, you can keep drinking soy if you like it, but it will not effect your symptoms. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

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