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"Can cystitis result from an abortion?"

ZocdocAnswersCan cystitis result from an abortion?


I'm a woman, 25 years old. I just got an abortion, and for a few days afterwards I had some soreness when I urinated that I attributed to the procedure. Now some time has passed, and the pain reminds me of a urinary tract infection. Could I have gotten a UTI from the procedure?


Urinary tract infections are a common condition. I would encourage you to see your primary care doctor who can both diagnose and treat the UTI. Left untreated, a UTI could lead to a serve infection in the blood. Generally speaking, an abortion should not cause a UTI.

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However, it depends on what abortion you had. If you had a medical abortion (with medicines) then the UTI is likely unrelated. If you had a surgical abortion, then it is possible that the bacteria that normally are in the vagina somehow went up the urethra (the connection from the outside to the bladder) and caused the infection while the procedure was taking place. This risk could be increased if during the procedure your ob/gyn placed a catheter in your bladder (known as a foley catheter). These catheters can rarely track bacteria into the bladder. However, UTIs are common. The anatomy of a women, with the short urethra means that it is easy for bacteria to track up to the bladder. Other medical conditions can increase your risk for UTIs. The most common of these is diabetes. Many women also contract a UTI after sexual intercourse. There are many reasons to have a UTI. It is possible that the abortion was related to the UTI. However, UTIs are so common that it is equally possible they are unrelated. Regardless, I would recommend seeing your primary care physician to diagnose and potentially treat this infection.

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