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"What causes cysts to grow on the pelvis?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes cysts to grow on the pelvis?


I have what I think is two cysts growing on my pelvis ? what could cause that to happen? The only other cyst I've ever had was on the back of my hand, and that was when I was a kid. Does this mean I've mistreated my skin somehow (like using underwear made of artificial fabric)?


Cysts are sac like structures that contain an outer membrane and are filled with air, fluid, blood or some other bodily fluid. They have many causes and presentations and can mean many different things. Every cyst should be at least evaluated by a qualified health care professional to insure that it is not a concerning finding. Certain unusual cysts are signs of a deeper problem such as a tumor. Most physicians can remove benign cysts if they are in an accessible area. If not, they can be removed by surgeons. Cysts can sometimes form when ducts get plugged for a long time and fill with fluid. Certain type of cysts near the vulva can be quite painful and will need to be drained often by an OBGYN. If this is the type of cyst you are referring to, then I suggest presenting the issue to your gynecologist. While it is possible that wearing tight fitting clothes can exacerbate a cyst, wearing an artificial fabric probably did not contribute. I suggest you present your issue to your primary care physician first. He or she will be able to direct you to the correct specialist if needed or take care of the issue in the office. Good luck.

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