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"How does gastric bypass surgery work?"

ZocdocAnswersHow does gastric bypass surgery work?


I'm a middle aged woman and I'm overweight. I've been trying to lose it since I was a kid, so obviously it's not working. I've heard good things about gastric bypass surgery, though, and I'm interested. Who is a gastric bypassd appropriate for, and what are the risks and drawbacks?


Gastric bypass surgery works by two main processes: -restriction: the size of the stomach pouch is reduced, physically limiting the caloric intake -malabsorption: the small intestine is bypassed, therefore food calories are ineffectively absorbed into the body and are instead passed out of the body as stool. The indications for weight-loss surgery (known as bariatric surgery, and inclusive of 'bypass' as well as banding procedures) is as follows: -BMI >40 (to calculate your BMI: weight (lbs)/ height^2 (inches) x 703...or simply look up a BMI calculator in the internet) -BMI>35 with comorbid conditions (diabetes, joint problems, obstructive sleep apnea) -failure of non-surgical weight loss attempts -motivated and informed (some insurance companies will have you prove you are motivated by showing you can lose a few pounds on your own before surgery) If bariatric surgery is appropriate for you, there are many benefits, including: -resolution of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, GERD, sleep apnea in the vast majority of the patients undergoing the procedure. However, these surgeries come with significant risk and it is important to educate yourself on those risks before undergoing any type of operation. Complications include infection, bleeding, ulcer disease, malabsorption syndrome (with bypass) and band slippage or erosion into the stomach (with banding). Before undergoing either procedure, find a reliable source of information (i.e., your doctor) and familiarize yourself with the risks and benefits of bariatric surgery. I hope this helps!

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