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"What causes urine to smell strongly?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes urine to smell strongly?


I'm a guy in my 30s, and I'm pretty healthy. I have a little extra weight, but that's really it. Lately, though, I've noticed that my urine has a very strong odor to it ? and it's not really a good smell. Is there a disease or condition I should know about that would make urine smell bad?


Several conditions can cause foul-smelling urine. Your primary care doctor will be able to ask you more questions to figure out whether one of these conditions is the source. One of the most common causes of malodorous urine is a urinary tract infection (UTI). Patients with UTIs typically experience pain with urination, increased frequency of urination, a strong urge to urinate, and may have discolored, bloody-looking or cloudy-looking urine. Gonorrhea infection can also cause urine to smell foul, and patients may notice a thick yellow or greenish penile discharge that occurs separately from urination. Other common causes of foul-smelling urine are dehydration, which causes waste products carried in the urine to become more concentrated; medications, especially antibiotics; and certain foods, particularly asparagus. If you are having fevers, chills, the above-mentioned symptoms of a UTI, flank pain, back pain, abdominal pain, changes in weight, discolored stools, a new sexual partner or suspicion that you may have a sexually transmitted infection, you should see a doctor soon for a physical exam and testing. In the meanwhile, you should review the package insert for any medications you are taking to see if that may be causing the odor. Be sure to drink at least six 12 oz. glasses of water a day to ensure that you are not dehydrated; also decrease your caffeine and alcohol intake, since these cause dehydration.

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