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"How should one help a crying baby?"

ZocdocAnswersHow should one help a crying baby?


What is the best way to help a crying baby? I've never been good with kids ? even my own. I've tried rocking her and walking around with her, but that doesn't seem to help. Is there a trick for getting kids to calm down? Is it a bad sign if she just doesn't stop, or are some kids like that?


There are multiple causes for babies to cry, these range from the very benign to the possibly very concerning. Babies have different temperaments and so some may cry more often than others. Babies cry as their method to try and tell you something. The baby might be hungry, in which case they might show signs of hunger such as rooting (moving their mouths towards stimuli) or making lip smacking movements or sticking out their tongues. Breast feeding or bottle feeding are the best method to alleviate their hunger. They might have a dirty diaper which is making them uncomfortable. Checking their diaper is a good start to assess whether they have had a bowel movement or urinated into their diaper. Some babies may cry if they are tired, if they are bored or if they feel like they are being overstimulated. Although it can be very difficult to assess the cause of thier crying, it is extremely important to remember that you should never shake a crying baby. if you feel overwhelmed, leave the baby in a safe place, possibly under another person`s care while you take a breather. there are other more serious causes for babies to cry inconsolably and so an evaluation by a pediatrician may be necessary.

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