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"Is hearing loss a symptom of whiplash?"

ZocdocAnswersIs hearing loss a symptom of whiplash?


I was in a car accident a few days ago, and now the injuries are really setting in. I've found several bruises, and my neck is really aching from the whiplash. But the frightening thing is that I feel like my hearing is getting worse, too. Can whiplash damage your eardrums? Is it reversible?


It sounds like you may have really injured yourself. Many different types of doctors deal with motor vehicle injuries depending on their severity. Your family doctor can help you get through the bruises and some of he pain. Your doctor may have you see an orthopedic surgeon For you hearing damage, you may need to see an otolaryngologist (ear nose and throat doctor). Whiplash itself is an injury to the ligaments and muscles that surround and help support the the spinal column. Whiplash itself does not result in any neurological deficits such as hearing loss. The neural networks that control a persons hearing are located in the brain and not in the spinal column where the injuries of whiplash are found. If you have true hearing loss, then you may have sustained a head injury which will need looked at sooner than later. I suggest you make an appointment to see your primary care physician right away. He or she will be able to examine your injuries and determine if you need to see an orthopedic surgeon, or an ear, nose and throat doctor. This is important to make sure that your injuries are well taken care of. Good luck, I hope you feel better.

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