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"Is constipation common during one's period?"

ZocdocAnswersIs constipation common during one's period?


Whenever I'm on my period, it seems like it takes over all of my other physical processes, including pooping. Do other women have this issue, where they're constipated on their period? It passes eventually, but I still don't really understand why this happens or if there's a way to avoid it.


There are many physical changes and symptoms that accompany the menstrual cycle. The physicians who are best qualified to discuss these issues with you include your primary care physician, your family medicine doctor, or your OB/GYN physician. The menstrual cycle is a complex time of the month which is accompanied by many hormonal changes which can affect many bodily functions, including energy, sleep, appetite, mood, and, yes, bowel function. although constipation is not one of the most common symptoms reported by women having their periods, there are many women who do suffer from this problem. Generally, the constipation associated with the period may be brought about by other factors. For example, many women on their periods eat different foods or may drink less fluids then they normally would. These dietary changes may cause the constipation. Therefore, common sense approaches, such as maintaining a healthy diet and fluid and sleep balance during the period can be helpful. If the problem resolves after the period is over, there is unlikely to be a serious underlying medical cause for the constipation. As always, the diagnosis and management of your specific condition will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor or OB/GYN physician is recommended.

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