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"Do weight loss clinics work?"


Is there evidence that weight loss clinics are effective in the long term? I've been wrestling with my weight problems for more than half my life (I'm almost 30), and I'm willing to do whatever it takes. But I don't want to sink a bunch of money into a clinic if I'm just going to gain the weight back.


There is evidence that weight loss clinics are effective in decreasing weight, but it is important to note that long-term benefits are noted with continued efforts and support. It is believed that the support, daily regimen, and dieting tips offered from other members and the leaders of the weight loss clinics are very helpful for people working on weight loss. If you enjoy working with others and thrive in these environments, then weight loss clinics may be beneficial to you.

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Diet and exercise are the most important factors for continued weight loss and some people find the support they receive from weight loss clinics help them follow these diet and exercise regimens. Once you have achieved a weight that you are comfortable with, there is often a feeling that continued efforts are not required. On the contrary, this is the most important time to continue with the diet and exercise regimens you have learned. Your primary care physician can also help guide you as you lose weight, so you do it in a safe and healthy manner. Visit your primary care physician prior to starting any weight loss regimen, as they may be able to suggest specific weight loss clinics or other methods for weight loss.

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