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"Can one have allergies during the winter?"

ZocdocAnswersCan one have allergies during the winter?


My wife and I both have spring and summer allergies, which we've learned to take in stride. But now our daughter, 5, seems to be developing year-round allergies. What could she be reacting to in the winter, when nothing is growing? Are winter allergies treated in a similar way to warm-weather allergies?


allergies, seasonal or perennial, can be a very distressing set of symptoms to deal with. While it is true that most allergic rhinitis (also known as hay fever) occurs mostly in the spring and summer months, year long allergies (also known as perennial allergies) can occur and usually in kids. Allergies that occur year round are most often due to something exposed to in the house. A common perpetrator is the the dust mite. This little creature can cause seasonal allergies and asthma exacerbation and lives in the house all the time. Allergies of this type can be treated in the same way as seasonal allergies (i.e. antihistamines), but you should consult with a physician before using these drugs long term. I would suggest scheduling an appointment to see your daughter's pediatrician soon. There may be therapies he or she hasn't tried yet. In addition, her doctor may decide to refer her to an allergist who can test her for allergies to many different household and environmental agents that she is exposed to year round. this way, you can be sure that what she has is allergies. From there you can get more advanced treatments if necessary. Good luck.

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