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"Can sneezing cause abdominal pain?"

ZocdocAnswersCan sneezing cause abdominal pain?


Can sneezing cause your abdomen serious pain? My son is 9, and he has pretty bad allergies ? sometimes he'll go into a sneezing fit that incapacitates him. Since yesterday, he's been complaining that his stomach hurts pretty badly, and I'm just guessing it's the sneezes. If it isn't, should we go ahead and take him to the doctor?


Sneezing is a reflex the upper respiratory tract uses to get rid of irritants. The action of sneezing requires the use of abdominal muscles, the diaphragm, and muscles between the ribs. If someone sneezes repeatedly, these muscles will be used in ways they aren't used to and result in muscle soreness that can be severe. This could be a cause of his abdominal pain. Otherwise, sneezing generally doesn't cause any problems with the abdominal organs themselves. With that said however, sneezing can worsen pains that are already present in the abdomen. For example, a gall bladder infection (very rare in kids) can result in abdominal pain that worsens with sneezing. This is because sneezing results in jostling the abdominal organs around and if they already hurt, the pain will get worse. In kids constipation is a very common source of abdominal pain. I would make sure he's had a bowel movement in the last couple of days. If your son's symptoms worsen, he refuses to eat, or if he develops a fever, then I would bring him to his pediatrician right away. Otherwise, you can call the office and ask what the next best step is. I hope he feels better.

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