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"Can one get stitches in their eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersCan one get stitches in their eyes?


My little brother is 14 and he just went to the hospital after a pretty bad spill on his bike. He had a lot of blood in his eye, and it looked like there was a cut on the inside of his lower eyelid. I'm just trying to figure out if this will be okay, and how it will be treated. Is it even possible to get stitches inside your eye?


It sounds like by the time you read this, you brother's cut will have already been treated and well on its way to healing. Nevertheless, I think I can help you understand how some of these complicated wounds are treated. Injuries to the eye lid can be treated with stitches using very fine, lightweight silk or nylon stitches. Only a qualified health care professional including a skilled emergency department physician or plastic surgeon should attempt putting stitches in this area. Complications of lacerations in this area include infection which can progress to orbital cellulitis, a bad infection that will need IV antibiotics. This is an unusual complications if the wound is handled with proper technique. I suggest that your brother sees his pediatrician or family doctor very soon after treatment for inspection of the wound and its repair. Injuries to this area need frequent inspection to insure they heal properly. Infection in this area can be quite problematic. If any question about the injury or healing process exist, your brother's pediatrician may decide to refer him to an ophthalmologist to make sure there are no long term problems that ay be brewing. Good luck, and I hope he feels better.

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