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"What are the symptoms of hemangioma?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of hemangioma?


My baby daughter has a large, red blister on her left temple. On one hand, this looks like it might just be a blood blister. On the other hand, I'm wondering if it could be a hemangioma (which I just read about). If it is a hemangioma, how will we treat it or should we leave it alone? I read that sometimes they'll just eventually go away.


The type of hemangioma to which you are referring is called an infantile hemangioma, commonly referred to as a strawberry hemangioma. These lesions are completely benign growths that arise from the cells that make up small blood vessels. The hallmark of these lesions is their rapid growth from birth to 4 weeks of age, followed by a period of slower growth. While most lesions will finish growing by 4-6 months of age, some may continue to grow until the end of the first year. All hemangiomas will go away on their own spontaneously, but their rate of disappearance can vary by years. About half of all lesions will be completely gone by 5 years, and 70 percent will be gone by 7 years. As the lesions will go away on their own, the vast majority of all hemangiomas do not require any treatment. If the lesion begins to ulcerate or is located in a particularly troublesome spot (e.g. near the eyes, lips, or fingers) then repeated laser treatments can help shrink the lesions and increase their rate of disappearance. Your pediatrician will be able to help determine if your daughter's skin problem is a hemangioma. If it requires treatment, he/she can refer you to a pediatric dermatologist.

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