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"What causes veins to burst?"


What causes veins to burst? Every few months, a vein bursts in one of my feet, and it gets swollen and purple. It usually subsides within a few days, but I'm still worried it's a sign I'm doing something wrong. Am I maybe exercising too hard?


Vein bursting is a common condition. I would recommend that you discuss this with your doctor as it may be a a sign of an underlying disorder that requires treatment. First of all, everyone occasionally experiences veins bursting.

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This results in an ecchymosis, or a bruise. This can occur from normal wear and tear on the veins. However it is not normal to happen with minimal trauma or very frequently. If you are experiencing increasing amounts of ecchymosis, there are a few concerns. One would be if your blood is unusually thin. This can be because of low platelets (the clotting cell of your blood) or a decrease in the amounts of clotting factors. You should discuss this with your doctor as simple blood tests can diagnosis this. There can also be structural problems with the veins that are causing this. Blood clots can cause veins to be large and fragile. Vessel inflammation can also cause this. There is also a condition known as varicose veins where the veins are weak and therefore swell, especially in the feet. This is unlikely a problem with exercise--unless you are doing very traumatic exercise to your feet. I think this needs evaluation by your doctor. Good luck!

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