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"What medication helps with jock itch?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat medication helps with jock itch?


What's the best medication for jock itch? I've definitely got a case that I picked up from a gym I frequent, but there are a bunch of different competing medicines ? and there's a ton of info online about herbal remedies. Do any of those work?


Jock itch (known in the medical field as tinea cruris) is causes by a fungal infection in the moist inner-thigh and genital area. The rash is commonly red, itchy and has very well defined border--it most commonly forms on the inner aspect of both thighs. Many over the counter and prescription anti-fungal medications are effective at treating tinea cruris. I normally recommend clotrimazole (lotrimin) powder or cream, applied to the affected area for one to two weeks or until the rash clears and then an additional day or two afterwards. in addition to antifungal medication, I recommend avoiding tight fitting clothes (wearing boxers as opposed to briefs for example), hot baths, and keeping the area dry and clean. application of talc powder (eg gold bond) can be an effective way to prevent the fungal infection from coming back. If the rash does not go away after a week or two of treatment, you should be seen by your physician. It is also important to treat any athlete's foot (tinea pedis) that may be present (you can use the same anti-fungal medication for both) as failure to treat athlete's foot will result in recurrence of jock itch. I hope this helps!

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