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"What are the symptoms of pneumonia?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of pneumonia?


How exactly would you know if you had pneumonia? What are the symptoms? My folks are really worried about a rough cough I have right now, but I'm not sure I'd know the difference between it and something more serious like pneumonia or bronchitis...


Pneumonia is serious medical condition. It is best evaluated and treated by a primary care physician, a pulmonologist, or by an emergency room physician. Pneumonia is an infection in the lower part of the lungs. People with pneumonia have a cough. It is usually a wet cough that produces green, yellow, or blood stained sputum. Occasionally, patients can have a dry cough instead. Because it is an infection, pneumonia generally causes people to run a fever as well. Along with the fever, people with pneumonia sometimes have shaking chills. In older people, all of the symptoms may not be apparent, and they may seem more lethargic. Pneumonia cannot be diagnosed only based on these symptoms. If you suspect that you have pneumonia, you should visit your doctor. Your doctor will ask you some questions and examine you. If necessary, your doctor will order a chest x-ray and basic blood tests. That will help them determine if your symptoms are due to pneumonia or another condition.

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