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"What causes lesions to form on the pancreas?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat causes lesions to form on the pancreas?


I recently had a pancreatic CT scan, and the doctor said she found 'lesions' on my pancreas. What does that mean? I don't understand how I could have avoided pancreatic lesions ? it's not a lifestyle issue, is it? What does this mean for my future?


This is an example of how we as physicians sometimes fail to do a good job communicating and translating our language to our patients. In this case lesion is a general term that I will explain below. Lesions are simply abnormalities that we have not fully characterized yet, and therefore, cannot identify as anything specific. Lesions can be spots of infection, injury, inflammation, or growths. Without a history of pancreatic problems in the past, or recent injuries, you lesions may be some sort of growth or scar. The way to determine what they are range from doing another imaging study such as an MRI, or performing a biopsy to get a sample of the lesion so that it can ultimately be identified. There is no way to tell if lifestyle or anything you did contributed to the lesion until it is finally characterized. My suggestion is that you schedule an appointment with the physician that ordered the CT scan of your abdomen. He or she should be able to go through the scan along with the radiologist's final read. You can review all the possibilities and design a plan for the next step. Good luck.

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