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"Are flat moles normal on the soles of feet?"


A friend recently commented on the flat moles I have on the soles of my feet. He said it looked unpleasant. Are flat moles that abnormal? I never thought twice about my own. Are they at a higher risk of needing removal by a dermatologist?


There are several causes of spots on the bottoms of the feet, some of which require medical evaluation. The doctors who would be well qualified to discuss this issue with you include your primary care doctor or your podiatrist (foot doctor). There are several common causes of spots on the bottoms of the feet.

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A very common cause is plantar warts, which are a skin infection caused by a human papilloma virus. They are flat, hard spots which are circular and usually resemble very firm calluses. If they do not cause discomfort they do not necessarily need to be treated. If they are painful, there are both over the counter treatments as well as treatments by your doctor, including freezing and surgery. Other possibilities include calluses or blisters from friction inside of shoes. Rarely, spots on the bottoms of the feet can be moles (nevi). Sometimes moles can transform into melanoma, which is a skin cancer. Therefore any dark spots larger than 6 mm, with irregular borders, growing rapidly, or multiple colors need to be checked out. As always, the diagnosis and the management of your specific skin concern will require a physical examination by your personal physician. If symptoms persist scheduling an appointment with your primary care doctor or your podiatrist might be recommended.

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