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"What are the symptoms of a UTI?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat are the symptoms of a UTI?


How would I know if I had a UTI? Lately it has been painful when I pee, and know this can also be caused by STDs ? so to be honest, I'm kind of hoping it's a UTI. Anyway, is there a definite symptom you get from UTIs? How are they treated?


Urinary tract infections are caused when bacteria get inside the bladder and growth there. The symptoms of the bacteria growing in the urine include: needing to urinate frequently and urgently, bladder cramping and spasm or burning with urination, and blood in the urine. Most times, in younger women without any additional symptoms or medical problems, these symptoms alone will be sufficient for you to get a prescription for antibiotics from your primary care doctor.

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Men, on the other hand rarely get urinary tract infections, so in men this would be more likely to be an STI. There is quite a bit of overlap between symptoms of a urinary tract infection and a sexually transmitted infection. Therefore, if you are a women and have any vaginal discharge or odor or any more diffuse pelvic tenderness, or recent unprotected sex, it is likely that your doctor will want to perform a pelvic examination and test your for common sexually transmitted infections, especially chlamydia and gonorrhea. If you are a man with these symptoms, the probability of a STI is very high. Both of these infections can also be easily treated with antibiotics upon diagnosis. If you have any concern about a possible sexually transmitted infection,you should refrain from sexual intercourse until you have been checked out by your doctor to prevent possibly spreading an infection. Also, if you have fever, back pain, or any severe pain, you should seek medical help immediately, as these could be signs of a worsening infection.

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