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"What questions should one ask after an ultrasound?"


What kinds of questions should I ask during an ultrasound? I'm in my second trimester and am going in for an ultrasound next week and just want to be prepared for the procedure. What kind of things do you hope to learn from an ultrasound? What problems can you find?


You are about to have done what is called a 'screening ultrasound.' This is a routine ultrasound that is performed on most pregnant women between 18-22 weeks of the pregnancy. There are several purpose for this ultrasound.

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One is to determine the age of the pregnancy, if you have not already had an earlier ultrasound done for this purpose. Another might be to determine the sex of the baby, if you want to know this. Finally, and most importantly, the screening ultrasound allows the doctor to examine all of the baby's individual parts, such as head, kidneys, and heart. Rarely, babies have birth defects. The screening ultrasound, by looking closely at all of these parts, can help to rule out any birth defects or other problems with the cord or placenta. As always, the management of your prenatal care is best accomplished by the OB / GYN doctor who is following your pregnancy. Writing down all your questions before your next office visit is the best way to make sure you get all your questions answered!

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