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"What is the best way to help bipolar children?"


My 14 year old was just diagnosed as having bipolar disorder. This came as a big shock to us, but it's a relief, too. How should we go about creating an atmosphere that is healthy and helpful for his growth? His doctor was actually not very helpful to us in this respect.


Because bipolar disease treatment is complicated, the best physician to see a child with bipolar disorder is a certified child psychiatrist. As you are probably aware. bipolar disorder is a complex mental disease that is associated with major depression with occasional (or perhaps just one) manic episodes.

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Manic episodes are defined as times when the person has a lot of energy, is highly motivated, requires very little sleep. Patient may undertake huge projects or go on enormous shopping sprees. Contrary to popular believe manic episodes are not necessarily times of excessive happiness. An important component of bipolar treatment is selecting the right medication. This part is complicated because there are many drugs that work but not every one is right for every person. Your child's psychiatrist will know which medicine is best. The type of environment that is best for any child is a supportive and encouraging, while maintaining close watch for the depression and manic episodes. A child psychologist may be a helpful addition to his care. An important part of your son's treatment will be the relationship he and you have with his treating physician. If you do not think that his physician is providing the best comprehensive care, then I think it is best that you seek out another consultation. Good luck.

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