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"Do ovarian cysts cause any odors?"


I'm worried that I have an ovarian cyst because of some symptoms I've been having, and I'm planning on getting it checked out by a doctor. Now, though, I'm noticing a strange odor coming from my vagina. Do ovarian cysts cause strange odors, or is this a different problem?


If I'm reading you correctly, you are having symptoms that you feel are an ovarian cyst, but you have yet to diagnosed. The good news is that ovarian cysts can easily be diagnosed by almost any OBGYN in the office using an ultrasound. Strange odors coming from the vagina are almost always unrelated except in rare circumstances.

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Ovarian cysts can be one of several types including benign cysts, malignant cysts, and functional cysts. They can have symptoms of vague abdominal pain which can be severe at times, but most ovarian cysts have no symptoms. New vaginal odors are usually due to an infection with bacterial vaginosis, trichomoniasis, and candidiasis (yeast infection). These infections have many causes and should be evaluated by your doctor who can examine vaginal discharge, diagnose the infection, and appropriately treat it. In rare circumstances when there is a bad cervical infection of either gonorrhea or chlamydia, the infection can spread to the ovaries and cause a cyst. This is something that your doctor will want to rule out. I think you best bet it to schedule an appointment with you OBGYN who can sort these issues out for you. Some simple tests along with a physical exam will likely be all that is needed. Good luck.

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