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"How are children affected by negligent parents?"

ZocdocAnswersHow are children affected by negligent parents?


My son is in middle school and his best friend is a bad influence on him. This boy is from a home that I know for a fact is completely neglectful. How was this kid probably affected by his childhood? I don't want to think of him as a monster, but I should know, just to protect my own son.


Dealing with children from a disadvantaged background is an important issue. If you have particular concerns about your son's social networks and peer groups, talking with your pediatrician might be helpful. Children who lack the proper social supports needed to be successful are disadvantaged in life. They are less likely to achieve excellence in school and beyond. Furthermore, children who lack supportive parents can have emotional and adjustment problems both early and later in life. However, it is also not true that all children from disadvantaged backgrounds cannot rise above them and succeed. Especially if these children can be connected with supportive and understanding mentors and teachers in schools they can flourish and achieve their true potential. One potential strategy is to discuss your feelings with the management or your son's teachers in schools. It can be helpful to determine how your child is behaving in the school environment, and it can also give you the opportunity to advocate for more social support for your son's friend. As always, the diagnosis and management of any medical condition requires a physical examination by a personal physician. If you have concerns about your son's social behavior or anything else, you could schedule a visit with your pediatrician to discuss the concerns.

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