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"How close to a surgery date can one get a tattoo?"

ZocdocAnswersHow close to a surgery date can one get a tattoo?


I recently had an appendectomy, which went fine. I'm 22 and healthy. But now I'm planning on getting a tattoo, and I know tattoos carry a certain infection risk. At what point, after surgery, does it become safe again to get tattoos? (The tat will be on my chest, not too close to the wound.)


Getting a tattoos does convey a certain infection risk. For this reason it is always important to use only a reputable, licensed tattoo artist whom you trust. any discussion of activities after surgery could be discussed either with the surgeon who performed the surgery or your primary care doctor. It takes some time after a surgery to fully recuperate and heal and for it to be safe to resume normal activities. Generally, most doctors will recommend no vigorous activity or other unusual activities for 6 weeks after an operation. However, this depends a great deal on the complexity of the operation and whether there were any complications. For an simple, routine operation, which most appendectomies are, your doctor will like say that it is ok to resume activity after 6 weeks or so. This will likely include minor cosmetic procedures such as tattoos. As always, good care of the tattoo, by keep the skin clean and free of infection, is an important part of staying safe. As always, the diagnosis and management of your particular situation will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Scheduling an office visit with your primary care doctor or your surgeon to discuss this issue is recommended.

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