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"What is borderline personality disorder?"


My psychiatrist listened to my decription of my teenage daughter and said that I should look into Borderline Personality Disorder. I looked into it, but it's only confusing me - I read that something like a third of all women could be diagnosed as having BPD. What is this disorder? Is it even real?


You are correct that borderline personality disorder is a very confusing diagnosis. It can only be diagnosed after a very careful and sometimes long evaluation by a psychiatrist. Like other personality disorders, patients do not know they have a problem and are less likely to seek help on their own.

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Borderline personality disorder is used to describe a group of people who have personalities which are destructive to their lives in a certain way. People with BPD often behave erratically and have wild mood swings. They often are found to split people, meaning that they will consider others as either the best and nicest in the world or the worst and meanest in the world. In addition, they often exhibit self harming behavior such as multiple unsuccessful suicide attempts or skin cutting. I suggest that you schedule an appointment for your daughter to see a psychiatrist. I know this may be very difficult to get her to cooperate but it will be very helpful in the long run. If borderline personality disorder is diagnosed, the psychiatrist can recommend the appropriate therapy that is most likely to help your daughter. In addition, some of common complications of borderline personality disorder including depression and self harming behavior can be dealt with promptly.

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