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"What medicines should diabetics take for fever?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat medicines should diabetics take for fever?


My son is 12 and he has type 1 diabetes. He has been running a fever since this morning. I don't think it's anything serious, just something going around his class ? but what medicines can I give him to help bring down his fever that won't interact with his insulin? Is there a general rule about insulin interaction?


In general most medicines that you would give a child will not "interact" with insulin. There are some key exceptions to this I'll discuss below. I also must stress that this answer is very general and does not take into account your child's past medical history and other health considerations. Therefore, you should call your pediatricians office with any questions regarding medications. Insulin is a natural hormone in the body. Therefore medicines such as Tylenol that are frequently given for fever in kids should be perfectly fine in a child as long as that child does not have an allergy to Tylenol. There are medicines you should consider staying away from unless his doctor specifically approves them. For example don't give him ibuprofen or naproxen without asking his doctor because these medicines can be hard on the diabetic kidney. There are also medicines that other diabetics take for blood sugar that he should never take because they could drop his blood sugars dangerously (they are all prescription so don't worry about it). I suggest that at your next visit with the pediatrician, you bring up the issue of what drugs can be given to my child with diabetes. Only he or she will know the absolute answer to this question. Also make sure that you discuss the most important things that can be done every day to improve his health. Good luck.

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