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"Can exercise get rid of auxillary breast tissue?"


I'm a 26 year old woman and I have axillary breast tissue that my doctor recently diagnosed. She mentioned surgery as a possible option, but that really does not appeal to me. Is it possible to do a type of exercise that targets this tissue and burns the fat there? This would be the best way for me if it's an option.


If I am reading this correctly, it sounds like your doctor, during a breast exam, mentioned that you have breast tissue that extends into the area of your arm pit (axillary). Axillary breast tissue is not a disease. In fact most women have some axillary breast tissue.

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It sounds like you have more than average, and it is bothering you, and that's why you want to get rid of it. I agree that surgery may not be the best option for this problem. Axillary breast tissue is not life threatening, and going through the risks of surgery would only be worth it if you felt removal was really going to improve your life. There really are not any exercises that will target the burning of breast tissue. Breast tissue does have a fair amount of fat cells and they will shrink in all areas if you were to lose weight in general. I suggest that you first schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss this issue. You can start by designing together a lower calorie healthy diet and exercises that will help you burn calories and lose weight everywhere including your breast tissue. Good luck.

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