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"How do you speak to children about moving?"

ZocdocAnswersHow do you speak to children about moving?


What is the best way to prepare children, psychologically and emotionally, for moving? My partner and I don't know where to begin: when should we tell the kids we're moving? Should we encourage them to be excited about leaving, or should we let them be sad if they're sad? We're leaving the state, so it's a big move...


I can assure you that there is no well laid out, scientifically tested formula for preparing children for a move. While moving can be tough, it is a necessary part of life for both adults and children. Children's coping ability with a move largely has to do with there age. The younger a child is the less emotionally taxing a move is. Older children usually have more social connections and may have a little more trouble letting go. In any case, it is best to tell them about the move as soon as you know for sure that it is happening. You want to leave as much time as possible for them to cope with the move before it happens. When you get to the new location, make sure they get involved with social activities as soon as possible. The good news is that kids are remarkably resilient. Even a move all the way across the country to an area where they do not know anyone will most likely not scar them for life. There is no evidence that moves during a child's development has any long term detrimental effect on their developmental endpoints. For this reason, I think that no matter how you decide to handle the situation, they will be fine in the end. Good luck with the move.

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