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"How can one increase their white blood cell count?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can one increase their white blood cell count?


I recently had some blood work done, and my doctor said that while I was generally healthy, my white blood cell count was rather low. That makes sense to me, because I tend to get sick pretty easily. Are there safe, natural ways to increase my white blood cell count? I've looked online, but there's a lot of 'advice' that just looks like nonsense.


A low white cell count can have many different meanings. If your white count is low and you are getting multiple infections especially with viruses or bacteria that are unusual, then you may need a more extensive work up. Otherwise, you are probably fine. Let me explain. The "normal" white count in humans varies widely. It could be normal for some people to have a white count of 2,500 while others its normal to have one of 11,000. That's why its tough to tell whether someone has a low white count because they have a real problem or if its just the way you are. Patients with lower white counts do not tend to get sicker unless its low because of another reason. We do have ways to increase white counts, but we only use these in cancer patients that are receiving chemotherapy. I think you best next step is to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician. He or she may decide to repeat the blood test to see if the white count is still low. Also, I would schedule an appointment as soon as you get sick. Seeing you while you are sick will help your doctor determine if you have any immune deficiency. Good luck.

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