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"Do women gain weight after breast-reduction surgery?"


Is there any reason a woman would gain weight after breast-reduction surgery? I recently had reduction surgery for my extremely large breasts which were causing me substantial back pain, and I've felt great ever since the reduction, but now I have put on 12 or 15 pounds - could this just be a hormonal effect from losing the breast tissue, or is it unrelated?


Weight gain is a complex problem at the surface but is always simple at its core. In this case, it is unlikely that losing breast tissue surgically would cause any sort of metabolic imbalance causing you to gain weight. However, having any surgery usually puts us down for a while and we may not be nearly as active which decreased the amount of calories we burn.

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Weight gain can be related to hormonal balances, but these should not change with a reduction in breast tissue. Therefore, your weight gain is likely related to an increase in you consumed calories (whether you notice it or not) or a decrease in calories burned. I suggest you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or the physician that performed the operation. He or she may be able to give you some suggestions on how to best combat this recent weight gain. Most likely, the answer is to focus on a healthy, limited calorie diet with an increase in your daily exercise. Now that your back pain is less with the breast reduction surgery, you may be able to be more active and burn some of those stored calories away. Good luck.

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