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"Are nails that turn red indicative of heart disease?"


Is it true that it's a possible sign of heart disease when your fingernails turn red? It sounded like a really strange connection to me, but several friends say they have heard this is true, and my nails are turning red. Especially worrying because I'm a guy in my 50s.


There are many different symptoms of the different types of heart disease. Finger nails turning red are not a typical finding, and even if it was, it would not be the symptom you noticed the most. Let me explain.

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Heart disease is a term used to describe multiple different problems that can occur with the heart. Some examples include Heart failure, coronary artery disease, and arrhythmia's. The symptoms of heart failure are shortness of breath, fatigue, weight gain, edema, and not being able to exercise. Symptoms of coronary artery disease include chest pain that sometimes radiates to the arm or jaw, shortness of breath, and exercise intolerance. The end result of coronary artery disease can be a myocardial infarction or heart attack. Arrhythmias are abnormal heart rhythms which can make you pass out or produce a feeling of your heart racing. I do suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician soon. You can have your fingernails examined to see if there is anything that needs looked into further. In addition, you can get the needed routine screening such as yearly cholesterol and blood pressure checks. Finally, ask your doctor for advice on how to best take care of your heart. Good luck.

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