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"Are there easy ways to deal with facial scarring near the nose?"

ZocdocAnswersAre there easy ways to deal with facial scarring near the nose?


What are my options for getting rid of scarring on my face, near the nose? I was in a car accident and am recovering, and worried about scarring as a result of the injury. If it does look like I'm going to scar, do I have a better chance of treating it now, soon after the injury?


The quick answer to your question is yes, you have a better chance of a more appealing outcome if you seek treatment sooner than later. The types of physicians that treat scaring from injuries include plastic surgeons (also known as cosmetic surgeons), and dermatologists. Scaring occurs because of the damaged tissue needs to be repaired. Scar tissue usually does not appear like the tissue of the rest of the body because it has a different color and texture. Therefore, reducing the amount of scar on areas such as the face, is very important. Plastic surgeons are trained to close wounds are repair damage with precision that minimizes the amount of scaring that can occur. Dermatologists (and some cosmetic surgeons) can employ special creams, and in some instances, special lasers that can reduce the amount of scaring that occurs. In all cases, the sooner the intervention, the better the outcome. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to have your facial injury looked at now. If the wound looks like it might scar, then he or she will be able to recommend what type of physician (either dermatologist or plastic surgeon) would be best to see. Good luck.

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