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"What is the best way to avoid skin friction rashes?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is the best way to avoid skin friction rashes?


Is there a good way to avoid friction rashes on the skin? I think that's what I have been developing all along my neck due to the constant chafing of the button-down shirts I have to wear at my office job, and they can get quite unpleasant. Aside from quitting my job, what are my options?


The types of doctors that will evaluate and treat skin rashes are primary care physicians such as your family doctor or a dermatologist. Of course, the best way to avoid friction skin rashes is to avoid the friction if possible. Since I do not recommend you quitting your job, I suggest that you start by using some emollients (skin moisturizers) on your neck to see if that reduces your discomfort. If this doesn't work then I would try wearing a shirt made of a different material (i.e. buy polyester instead of cotton or vice versa). If that doesn't help, then its possible that it is not a friction rash at all, and it may require further evaluation. Sometimes rashes that are not associated with friction come to be noticed only when an irritating piece of clothing makes them itch. Next time you develop one of these rashes, make sure to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician right away. He or she will be able to examine the rash and determine for sure that it is not something more serious. If the diagnosis is in question, you may require a referral to see a dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment. Good luck.

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