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"What is the treatment for candidad nail infection?"


What is the best way to treat candida infection of the fingernails? I'm not sure this is what I have, but I've done some reading online and the symptoms seem to match. I've read that garlic and vinegar are supposed to be good treatments, but some people just advise a doctor visit. What should I do?


Fungal nail infections can be very stubborn and difficult to get rid of. The types of physicians that will see a patient with a fungal nail infection include a primary care physician such as family doctor or a dermatologist. Finger nail fungus is called onychomycosis.

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The treatment depends somewhat on which type of fungus is identified and the severity of the symptoms. Most patients have the type and severity that warrants treatment with oral anti-fungal antibiotics such as terbinafine, itraconazole, fluconazole, or griseofulvin. Soaking the nail in vinegar has variable results and usually only works when the infection is extremely mild. In your case, I would ask your doctor first about any home remedies to make sure you are not doing something that will make the infection worse rather than better. Keeping your nails dry is another measure that can help. I suggest you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician and review your fingernail fungus with him or her. If the situation is straight forward, then perhaps you can get treatment right then and there. If it is not straight forward, he or she may decide to refer you to a dermatologist for further evaluation and treatment. Good luck.

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