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"How can a person remove a birthmark from one's face?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can a person remove a birthmark from one's face?


Are there real ways to remove a birthmark from your face? I've heard a lot of home tricks that are supposed to work, and I've heard that there are things they can do with lasers these days, but I've never just asked my doctor. I have a very prominent birthmark above my lip and I'd like to get rid of it.


Birthmarks are benign skin blemishes that are present from or shortly after birth. Many disappear in childhood, but those that remain can be a source of embarrassment. The doctors who are best able to discuss this issue with you include your cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist. The first step in care of birthmarks is good skin care. Keeping the skin moisturized, eating a diet high in antioxidants, avoiding sun exposure, and wearing sun screen can keep the skin youthful in appearance and can sometimes help to shrink birthmarks. Subsequently, one very popular option is a laser-based therapy design to shrink birthmarks. These treatments gradually lighten the birthmark, and usually several sessions are required. They are generally well tolerated, but the high cost of the procedure is an issue for many people. Occasionally, surgical removal of the birthmark is an option. However, this is often unattractive as it can result in the formation of scar tissue that is often just as unsightly as the original birth mark was. As always, the diagnosis and actual management of your specific skin concern will require a physical examination by a physician. Scheduling an appointment with your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon is recommended.

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