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"What is the best treatment for receding hairlines? "


What is the best way to treat a receding hairline? I'm only 23 and I'm definitely losing ground, so I want to get on this ASAP, but there's such a ridiculous glut of information online, including tons of 'herbal remedies' that sound like urban legends and old wives tales. I've also heard rogaine makes the problem worse in the long term. Help!


I will answer this question under the assumption that you are a male. There are some good options out there for hair loss but no perfect cures. Nevertheless there are options out there that I think you will find appealing and worthy of your attention.

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Doctors that specialize in hair loss usually also specialize in dermatology. There are 2 medicines and a variety of procedures that are worth looking into. The two medicines are Minoxidil (Rogaine), and Finasteride (Propecia). Both have been shown to grow hair, but Propecia probably has more proven results. I will not quote the exact numbers, but roughly four out of five of all men going bald that take Finasteride will stop going bald for at least some time. About half of those men will actual begin re-growing hair. I don't think I would expect result to look like when you were 15, but it could be a start for you. On a side note, try to stay away from the herbal remedies. They don't tend to work and they can be dangerous. The first thing I would do is express you concern to you primary care physician who may then be able to refer you to a dermatologist. Good luck.

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