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"Can one get a rash around their clitoral hood?"

ZocdocAnswersCan one get a rash around their clitoral hood?


Why would a woman get a rash around her clitoral hood? I think that whatever I've got is in fact a rash, but I've never seen anything like it on my body. The rash is made of little pinprick bumps that are red and a little itchy.


There are many rashes that can start around the clitoral hood. The most common causes are allergic, traumatic, or infectious. People may have an allergic reaction to soap, fabric, or other products used around the area. The area may also be irritated due to hair removal, skin folds, restrictive clothing, or sexual activities. Infectious organisms such as yeast, herpes viruses, and some bacteria can also affect the clitoral hood. In order to determine the cause of your rash, you should schedule an appointment to see your doctor so that he or she can review your medical history, medications, and situation in which this rash appeared. He or she will need to do a full physical and pelvic examination. If you develop abdominal pain, fevers, vaginal discharge, extreme discomfort at the rash site, or other alarming symptoms, you should be evaluated immediately in an urgent care center or emergency department.

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