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"Is IVF possible after getting one's tubes tied?"

ZocdocAnswersIs IVF possible after getting one's tubes tied?


I had a tubal ligation because I didn't think I wanted to have more children (I'm 34), but now I'm really beginning to reconsider. If I did want to get pregnant, would that be possible using IVF? I'm just sort of scoping out my options.


Yes, it would be possible to get pregnant. There are two options. You could choose to have a reversal of your tubal ligation, which would require another (likely) laparoscopic surgery, or you could go down the route of in vitro fertilization. Having a tubal ligation prevents the eggs produced in the ovaries from traveling through the Fallopian tubes so they cannot be fertilized by sperm and implant in the uterus to start a pregnancy. If the tubes are ligated, the ovaries will continue to function normally, producing eggs on a monthly basis as well as the hormones that regulate your menstrual cycle and maintain your body. However, if one of your eggs is harvested it can be combined with sperm outside of the body and implanted in your uterus. You would have the same chances of a successful implantation and pregnancy as another other woman undergoing in vitro fertilization. You should talk with your Ob/Gyn doctor regarding the risks of the tubal ligation reversal, as well as the potential costs associated with the procedure and with IVF, which may both be considered elective and therefore not covered by insurance.

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