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"Why do hairs grow on some moles?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do hairs grow on some moles?


I'm a young guy and I have a mole on my throat that has hair growing out of it. It's pretty hard to shave without knicking myself, but the hair looks crazy. Why does this only happen to this one mole? Is there a better way to get rid of the hair?


Moles are small collections of cell called melanocytes. These are cells responsible for skin pigmentation, so when they collect together, the appear very dark. Moles can appear anywhere including on top of hair follicles. Thus, it is not uncommon for hairs to grow out of moles. Often these hairs have different characteristics. They can be darker than other hairs on your body and they can grow faster. Since these moles can get nicked when shaving, it is probably okay for you to pull the hair out every few weeks as it returns. The best type of physician for you to see about this problem is your primary care physician (family doctor or internal medicine doctor). The reason it is a good idea for you to show the mole to a doctor is that any mole has the potential to progress into a melanoma (a deadly type of cancer). If the mole looks at all atypical, or if you desire to have it removed, then you should get a referral to a dermatologist. He or she can take a closer look at the mole and make sure it is not suspicious or dangerous. Sometimes dermatologists will remove the mole or take a biopsy of it. Good luck.

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