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"What causes red bumps to form above the pelvis?"


What causes red bumps to form above a woman's pelvis? I'm 29 and I've never had this kind of skin trouble - I'm worried it's an STD or some kind of deep infection. The bumps are like the size of sesame seeds, and they're red and not painful or itchy.


The most common cause of bumps in the pubic area that are like the bumps you describe - red but not painful - would be ingrown hairs. These occur when a hair shaft grows back down on itself and plugs the pore. Ingrown hairs are more common in people who shave frequently in the pubic area, but they can occur in anyone.

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They are often not painful initially, but may become so as they enlarge or if they become infected. An infected ingrown hair, or any other infection of the hair shaft will lead to folliculitis, which usually produces red bumps that become tender over time and generally develop a white tip at the base of the hair shaft. The sexually transmitted infection that can most often manifest as red bumps is herpes infection. Herpes sores initially look like small round blisters filled with clear fluid. Each blister sits on a red base, and when they rupture small ulcers form. These blisters tend to be painful, and they occur in and around the vagina. They are unlikely to occur 'above the pelvis' in the region you describe. Therefore, it is unlikely that the bumps you have are a sexually transmitted infection; however, if you have concerns, you should consult with your primary care doctor.

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