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"What is monilia?"


I was really struggling with recurring yeast infections, and finally went to an OBGYN who ran some tests and said I have monilia. How is this different from a normal yeast infection? Is the treatment for it going to be basically the same, or is more serious?


Monilia is a type of yeast infection. I recommend you discuss your diagnosis and treatment again with your ob/gyn as this is an important issue to address. Monilia is essentially a normal yeast infection.

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Monilia is an older (not often used) name for Candida Albicans. Candida Albicans (often just refered to as Candida) is the "run of the mill" yeast infection. Technically speaking, what we refer to as a yeast infection is more accurately described as 'vulvovaginits from candida albicans.' This term describes the actual problem, that is the yeast is causing an inflammation in the vulva and vagina. Treatment is the same as a normal yeast infections. Topical antifungal or a pill (often Diflucan or fluconazole) can be given. Recurrent yeast infections is a concern. This is defined as four or more in a year. Firstly, is there some weakening of the immune system that is causing it: examples include HIV, other immunodeficiency, and diabetes. These should be ruled out if you are experiencing this. Another concern could be that the yeast is a resistant type. Other yeast besides Candida Albicans can cause the infection, such a Candida glabrata and Candida krusei. These sometimes require different antifungal as they are resistant to diflucan. Talk to your ob/gyn. Recurrent yeast infections is a concern.

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