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"What is kenacomb used for?"


I found a tube of 'kenacomb' in my new apartment when I moved in, and read that it was for 'skin conditions' on the internet. Now I'm a little freaked out - what would kenacomb really be used for? Did someone with a contagious skin condition probably live here before me?


There are many common creams that are used for skin conditions. The doctors who could discuss this is great detail with you include your primary care doctor. Kenacomb is a brand name for a type of skin cream that contains three types of different medications.

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One is an antifungal medication, one is an antibiotic, and one is a steroid. In other words, Kenacomb is a cream that could be used to treat several very common skin conditions, including yeast infections or mild fungal infections; mild bacterial infections such as cuts or scrapes; as well as mild allergic reactions such dermatitis or eczema. In other words, it is impossible to tell what the cream was being used for but at the same time it is highly unlikely that it was being used for a contagious skin condition that would still be in the apartment. As always, giving your new living space a good cleaning is the most prudent advise. You should discard the Kenacomb; in general any chemicals or medications that you discover upon moving into a new space should be promptly discarded. As always, your doctor is available to discuss any specific concerns with you.

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