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"What is Novasure?"


I'm a 25 year old woman and I've always had really heavy bleeding on my periods, and irregular periods. I told my OBGYN about this and she said I might be a good candidate for Novasure. How does this medicine work? Is it generally considered safe? What are the side effects?


Novasure is a procedure used to treat heavy bleeding. It is a brand name for a type of procedure known as endometrial ablation. This is a signficant procedure with both risks and benefits.

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I strongly encourage you to ask your ob/gyn these questions and truly understand the procedure before you elect to go forward. To begin, a normal period in a women is when the uterus's lining--or endometrium-- is shed from the uterus. It builds up over the course of the menstural period--essentially preparing for a possible fertilized egg. When the estrogen levels drop, the lining is shed. An endometrial ablation involves intentional scarring of the inner lining of the uterus. The thought is that by burning the lining, that there is less growth of the lining during the period and therefore less bleeding. The Novasure system works by placing a electric mesh in the uterus, then introducing electricity to burn the lining. Older methods use laser or sound wave to destroy the lining. There are risks to the procedure. Infertility is one and so this is contraindicated if you want to become pregnant. Puncturing the uterus and damaging surrounding structures is another. A proportion of women (maybe 1/4) who get the procedure will not get a good response and eventually need a hysterectomy (surgical removal of the uterus). Talk with your ob/gyn for further information.

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