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"What is tuboplasty?"


I was having a lot of trouble conceiving, and finally got examined by an OB / GYN who says I have a type of infertility that can probably be cured by a technique called tuboplasty. How exactly does a tuboplasty work? Are they safe? How successful are they, and how expensive?


It sounds like you've been through a lot trying to conceive. The short answer to your question is that a tuboplasty is a procedure intended to relieve an obstruction or some other malfunction of the fallopian tube in attempts to restore it to its original function allowing for conception to occur. The success of such a procedure hinges on a couple critical factors.

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Number one, what is the indication. If your tuboplasty is being done because of a previous infection, the procedure will have a different success rate than if it were being done to reverse a tubal ligation. Lately, the tuboplasty has been partially replaced with the procedure in vitro fertilization. This is a procedure in which fertilized ovum are created form you ovum and your partner's sperm. They are then implanted in the uterus. There is a very good success rate, but there are problems with the procedure such as having twins or triplets. I suggest that you schedule an appointment with the OBGYN that plans to do your tuboplasty procedure. Ask her to describe the risks and likelihood of success given your specific reason to have it. Unfortunately, I cannot answer to the price of such a procedure, because it will vary depending on your insurance. Good luck.

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