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"What is strawberry naevus?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is strawberry naevus?


My newborn baby boy has a very bright, spongy-looking mark on his cheek that the doctor said was a strawberry naevus that would 'probably' fade in time. I definitely don't want him to get teased for it, so I'm wondering what we can do if it doesn't fade? Is there a treatment?


A strawberry nevus is a commonly used term for an infantile hemangioma, a common skin lesion found in the pediatric population. These growths are completely benign and arise from the cells that make up blood vessels. These lesions tend to grow very quickly from the time of birth throughout the first month of life, and then continue to grow at a slower rate. While most strawberry hemangiomas will finish their growth period by 4-6 months, some will continue to grow for up to one year. All of these lesions will disappear spontaneously at some point; half will completely regress by 5 years of age, and 70 percent of lesions will completely regress by 7 years of age. As these growths will spontaneously involute, they will only require treatment if they happen to develop in areas that may be problematic (near the eyes or lips, for example) or if they begin to ulcerate. In these cases, repeated laser treatments can help increase the rate of disappearance and shrink the lesions. If your son's strawberry hemangioma is on his cheek, he would most likely not require treatment, unless for cosmetic purposes. You should discuss these options with your son's pediatrician, who can refer you to a pediatric dermatologist for further information.

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