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"How long can heat rash last?"


We were really concern when our baby (8 months old!) came down with these big, lumpy red blisters, but our doctor said it was actually just a heat rash and that it'd go away on its own. That's fine, but how long will that take? They seem like they're unpleasant for her and we want to help.


There can be several causes of skin rashes in young babies. Fortunately, the majority of these are not serious, but some can require treatment and evaluation. Your pediatrician will be well qualified to discuss this issue with you in greater detail.

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Heat rash is a skin irritation causes by overheating and presents as small red bumps. It usually occurs in crease areas of skin or under heavy clothing. The best treatments include keeping the skin cool, dry, and clean and applying a baby skin moisturizer. With this treatment, most cases of heat rash should start to clear up in a few days. There are other causes of rash that do not clear up so quickly. For example, eczema or dermatitis can look like heat rash, but requires elimination of strong chemicals and very frequent moisturizers. Fungal infections, such as a yeast infection, can also cause persistent scaly rashes. This requires good hygiene and, usually, the application of an anti fungal skin cream. As always, the diagnosis and the management of your baby's specific skin concern will require a physical examination by your personal physicians. If symptoms persist, scheduling an office visit with your pediatrician might be indicated.

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