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"What is the effect of giving babies bottled milk?"


I'm a 33 year old woman in my second trimester and I'm trying to understand the costs and benefits of bottled milk. I know that breast milk is all natural and is supposed to be better for that reason, but isn't baby formula engineered to be the best? Is there a clear winner in this competition?


Many women have questions as they think about whether to breastfeed or used a bottle formula. The doctors who will be best qualified to discuss this issue with you include your pediatrician or your OB / GYN doctor. Breast milk is the natural way to feed a new baby! There are many advantages to breastfeeding, including bonding between the mother and baby.

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Furthermore, breast milk passes many important substances from the mother to the child, such as molecules that help the baby ward of infections in the first few months of life. At the same time, bottle formula is a safe alternative for most babies. Sometimes, mothers find it difficult to breastfeed due to nipple anatomy and other factors. Sometimes, these problems can be overcome by pumping breast milk and bottle feeding it, although others prefer just to use formula. The important thing to remember is that choosing not to breastfeed or not being able to breastfeed does not make you an inferior parent! As always, the management of your soon to be born baby's particular health needs will require a physical examination and guidance from a physician. Scheduling an appointment with your pediatrician is always an important step if you have concerns.

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